Love and Hate. It is something that universally defines the world we live in, whether we'd like to admit it or not. A thin line exists between the two, and often it is a blurry one. Nearly two decades ago, two men shared a passion and a similar goal -- that goal was the unification of mutant kind, and for equal rights without discrimination against their kind. Those two men were Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr, they were the best of friends and worked together for one common goal. They were men from two different walks of life, but somehow were brought together under a common cause -- but it was their ideologies which soon separated them.

Charles Xavier didn't want to see things the way that his partner did, he did not believe that violence and war would further their cause. He did not live the life that his partner did, so he did not understand the side of the coin in which he came from. For all of his merits, Charles Xavier may have been a telepath -- but to some he was also a naive fool. One of those people, was that of Erik Lehnsherr. He was a holocaust survivor, a man who had been persecuted for what he was -- even though he had no choice in the matter. He knew the plight of the homo superior even before his gene had activated. It was that history, that knowledge that slowly twisted his views upon the world.

While at first, it seemed the two men could work together for the possibility of bettering mankind. It seemed as though they could work towards their dreams together, but eventually they found quite the contrary. Erik wasn't a bitter man, and for that reason he did one last thing for Charles -- he aided him in the building of a school -- The Xavier Institute for Higher Learning. While the two men would walk down different roads, they agreed on one thing -- that their kind needed to be educated. They needed a safe haven away from the prying and hateful eyes of the world. They needed some where to call their own. The institute was that place.

While they both agreed on the fact that their kind would need a safe haven, soon a man he once called his friend became his mortal enemy. It was nineteen years ago the Xavier Institute opened it doors, and nineteen years ago the war began.

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